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Cost of Dental Implants

Cost is a major factor in deciding which dental treatments suit your needs best, however, the cheapest option is not always the wisest. Ineffective and failed procedures mean more time and money spent exploring alternatives, making corrections, or implementing an entirely new procedure. Make the most of your long-term investment with proven treatment from a trusted industry professional.

Trust Successful Placement to Experience and Expertise

For many, dental implants are a worthwhile investment in restoring the look and function of your smile. The success of this procedure largely depends on the knowledge and experience of the dentist placing them. Make sure you’re in the right hands with the trusted care and expertise of a periodontal professional.

Dr. Dyer holds a Master of Science degree in periodontics from the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston. For more than 20 years, Dr. Dyer has used proven techniques, the latest technology, research and years of practice to provide patients with the treatments they need. Dr. Dyer’s research has been published in international publications including the Journal of Periodontology and Journal of Dentistry among others.


Dental implants offer several advantages over alternative solutions such as dentures, bridges, and partials including:

Minimal Maintenance

: Implants require only routine maintenance and are cared for in much the same way as natural teeth. Simply brush and floss as directed by your dentist and schedule regular dental checkups to ensure the proper health and function of your teeth and implants.

No dietary restrictions

: Patients can enjoy their favorite foods with ease.

Less invasive on natural teeth: Dental bridges require natural teeth to be filed down before placement. This leads to a higher risk of tooth decay and other dental problems, which may mean you will have to pay for further treatment in the long run.

Initial Cost

Time and materials are the two main components that determine the initial cost of dental implants.

Different types of implants vary in the time they take to place. Traditional implants are placed over a series of months to ensure the best, customized fit for your long-term comfort and oral health. For some, same-day dental implants can provide a natural looking solution for filling missing teeth and may be placed in as little as one day.

The materials used for your procedure determine the comfort and durability of the implants. We use only the highest quality anatomic implant components when constructing your implants and dental prosthetics in order to ensure longevity and optimal function, making the most of your investment

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