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Advances in dental implants

Replacing Teeth with Dental Implants

With the advances in dental implant technology today, replacing a missing tooth or even all of the teeth is an option for almost everyone. However, patients considering a dental implant need to be aware that getting a dental implant done right requires some care from you. Research studies have shown that there is a wide margin of success and failure in the dental implant market.

A nationwide private practice based study revealed that the failure rate of less experienced dentists was almost 20%. There are also long-term risks to be considered. From 20% to 50% of dental implants can get gum disease. Dr. Dyer manages these risks for every patient. He worked 3 years with a national dental lab to develop anatomically correct dental implant components. This means that the implant components and final crown have the shape of real teeth (most dental implant components and crowns have a round neck).

Anatomically shaped components can prevent you from packing food between your teeth and implants. That reduces the risk of gum disease and prevents recession around the implant. Dr. Dyer uses 3 – D technology to plan your case and ensure that the shape and bite on the implants is customized for you. For premolars and incisors, Dr. Dyer can replace the teeth with implants and custom shaded temporary crowns on the same day. Dr. Dyer can also provide same day temporary bridges and dentures.

We use ultrasound to determine when your implants have integrated with you. Then Dr. Dyer works with your dentist to provide the final teeth for your smile. After your new smile is attached to the implants, we will show you how to care for your teeth and help you take care of your smile over time. Dr. Dyer plans and cares for your new smile before, during, and after treatment.