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Does Your Face Hurt?

Tired of taking medications for headaches? Taking acetaminofen (Tylenol) with repeated doses can damage your liver. That’s why it has a black box warning now. Taking Advil ( ) for repeated doses can damage your liver. NSAIDS (like Advil, aspirin, or Naproxin) actually can thin your cartilage and lead to joint damage and arthritis.

If you are taking pain medication every week for headaches, you are actually masking the symptoms, not treating the cause.

Migranes and tension headaches frequently have trigger points.  These trigger points are in the muscles and can refer pain to your temples, neck or around the eyes causing a headache.  We offer a treatment approach that treats the cause.  We start with ultrasound therapy.  This loosens up the trigger points and relaxes the muscles in the head, neck, and shoulders.  We follow that up with accupressure massage to locate the trigger points and smooth them away.  Then we relax the muscles further with low level TENS therapy to completely relax the muscles.  These trigger points cause inflammation.  We treat the inflammation with low level laser therapy.  The laser energy blocks enzymes that cause inflammation.

When you suffer from frequent headaches, the muscle spasms and trigger points can throw off your bite, which makes you have even more headaches.  A past history of orthodontic treatment, new crowns or fillings can further throw off your bite.  Falls or whiplash from an accident can also mess up your bite.  All of these can lead to headaches.  We correct your bite with a dental orthotic followed by bite adjustment.  These treatments will relax your bite and correct the underlying cause of your trigger points.

Another cause of headaches is insomnia.  We will show you how to relax your muscles and provide you with a take home technology that you use for thirty minutes before you want to sleep.  The device will help you fall asleep.  Treating your insomnia reduces your stress and makes you feel more energized each day.

Treatment can last from 4 to 12 weeks and provide you with a long term approach to prevent and manage headaches.

If you are tired of taking medications that can negatively effect your body and want to stop dehabilitating headaches, give us a call.