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Do You Really Need To Have Your Teeth Pulled?

Dr. Bret Dyer: Do You Really Need to have Your Teeth Pulled Out?

We have a phenomenon that has hit us in the past several years: the Dental Implant Center (DIC). The DIC is based on the idea that you are fed up with your teeth, so why not pull all of them out and replace them with metal posts called dental implants?

Attached to those posts will be a brand new set of teeth. They want you to believe that implants are better than your natural teeth. Is that true? While implants have the data that they are the most predictable long-term replacement for missing teeth, they are still replacements. They are not as good as your original equipment!

I place a lot of dental implants. I have worked with companies on developing true to life shaped implant components and teach workshops on how to plan, place, and maintain dental implants. But, all of our treatment starts out with the idea that God gave you your best set of teeth, and we should preserve and repair them if that gives you the best long-term option.

I’m concerned. I’m concerned that the dental modality is replacing a thought process called diagnosis. You’ve heard that word. It’s what you expect from your doctor.

Diagnosis comes from Latin, meaning discern or distinguish. In other words, your doctor is to discern the cause of disease. That’s what doctors do, and when they need to understand more options, they refer you to a specialist to help figure out the best diagnosis and treatment for you.

We begin every new patient visit by evaluating for gum disease and tooth decay. If either are present, I look for the underlying causes. Could it be the medications you take are causing your mouth to become dry, making you more susceptible to infection? Do you have a genetic predisposition? Is the infection related to another problem like diabetes? After we have determined the underlying problems, we work out solutions for you.

But when you go to the DIC, the diagnosis is already made. It’s the patient making the diagnosis by deciding to go to a DIC where there is only one treatment available.

While we have helped thousands improve their lives with dental implants, I’m also proud of the thousands of dentitions we have saved. Patients with gum infections and decay in the teeth frequently have options. We can get control of both problems, and typically regrow the gum and bone around teeth that has been lost. We could easily just plan to replace teeth with implants. But in the end, preserving as much of your natural teeth and anatomy as possible will also give you the healthiest future.

So that’s what we do. We look for cause – at diagnosis, then we work with you to make the best informed decision. Then we help you keep your smile.